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Gymnastics is the Greatest Sport the World Has to Offer

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

We believe that gymnastics is the greatest sport the world has to offer. We realize the boldness of this claim and truly believe it to be so. There are many reasons we feel this way.

Continued Excellence

One shining example is that whenever we see former gymnasts stepping into other sports, they always excel. Many competitive gymnasts decide to move into different sports during their high school years, instantly becoming varsity members and beyond. There is no doubt that this is due to the incredible ability gained by their experience in the sport of gymnastics. No other sport creates such a mastery of the human body and its potential. In addition to this, it has already been objectively displayed and formally written that gymnastics improves academic learning. However, there is something more to this sport, something different, something magical.

Ancient Origins

Gymnastics was created by the Greeks. These philosophers and thinkers were duly impressed by the potential of a sport like gymnastics, and in a like manner so should we. Aristotle himself placed gymnastics in his top four pillars of necessary youth education. There was a reason he felt this way about such an activity: gymnastics is the ultimate total-body sport. All categories of muscle and all areas of the brain are in use and must be under complete control. It is a fact; no other sport compares in this way. No other sport masters gravity, masters the body, masters intellectual control the way that this sport does. Undeniably, gymnastics completely dominates all categories relating to individual strength and ability. Picture in your mind the most amazing gymnastics skill you have ever seen… isn’t it incredible to think of what we humans can do?

Although it may seem that we have already made fantastic ground on why it is true that gymnastics is the greatest sport the world has to offer, we have yet to review the more important aspects. These aspects are intangible… aspects that stick with the athlete forever, even after all the fitness and all the health has aged.

These are what we call, the “Three Gymnastics Principles”: Individual Reliance, Hard Work, and Positive Thinking.

Individual Reliance

When compared to other sports, Individual Reliance is absolutely the most unique of the Three Gymnastics Principles. The most popular sports of our time are all “team sports.” Although these sports are fantastic and fun, they do not advance the two fundamental concepts we all strive for: to be individuals and to be self-reliant. These are concepts that run deep within us. However, the traditional team sports that we all love and enjoy do not convey this mentality the same way gymnastics does. In these sports, if a single team member fails, the whole must suffer. In gymnastics however, one’s individual achievement is vastly superior and more important than the team achievement. In this sport, if the other team fails, it is not a positive. In gymnastics, we want everyone to succeed, and those who land on top deserve it, through merit. Measuring success is done by how well an individual performs compared to his or her past performance. Medals, team placements, and individual rankings come secondarily to self-improvement.

Hard Work

Sometimes in life we find that certain individuals are able to “get by easy” due to some sort of natural talent or ability. In gymnastics this is not possible. Although there exist those who exhibit great talent or a natural affinity in the sport, none can achieve mastery or excellence in gymnastics without serious hard work.

The hard work necessity creates a foundation in an individual’s life, “to achieve, I must work hard.” Kicking or hitting the ball fast and powerful enough will not cut it here, a gymnast must learn to focus and calm the mind. Attention to every conditioning assignment is mandatory, and self-discipline is key. These are concepts that will take individuals very far in life.

Positive Thinking

Gymnastics thrives on positivity. When looking at a true gymnastics team, there is no yelling in the locker room and there are no negative enforcement techniques. We we call it the “Positive Approach” and we believe it is a mandatory element to achieving real success, not only in gymnastics but in life. When you see anything less in the sport, you should run from it. The Positive Approach must be a rule and guide in the industry, “I will achieve because I can” must be the mentality, “I am capable” must be the phrase. The concept of “I cannot” must be erased.

The Three Gymnastics Principles extend beyond gymnastics; children that become involved in the sport begin to conquer them. Once the principles are conquered they can assist the gymnast forever as they travel through their journey in life. This is why we believe gymnastics is the greatest sport the world has to offer. Individual Reliance, Hard Work, and Positive Thinking.

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